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Mango curd rice to raw mango carpaccio: Make these unique savoury dishes with the seasonal fruit this summer

There are many dishes that can be made with mangoes that are not only sweet but also savoury. While a raw mango salad is a classic, there are delicious variations that can be experimented with. However, chefs says one can even mango a mango curd rice or a raw mango carpaccio to enjoy the summer fruit to the fullest this season

02 June,2023 06:19 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
What better way to end the summer season than sitting in a cozy and comfy environment of rooftop and all fresco restaurants in Mumbai. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: Hit these 7 rooftop and all fresco restaurants in Mumbai before the arrival of monsoon

As the arrival of monsoon nears, there are few rooftop and all fresco restaurants in Mumbai we must visit to enjoy the sunset and evening breeze over some good food and drinks, before the rains play spoilsport

02 June,2023 02:27 PM IST | Editor
Think twice before throwing away watermelon peels, make a sabzi instead. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: How this Punekar makes a veggie from watermelon peels

Seventy-four-year-old Vasanti Shah has been making sabzi out of the white part of the watermelon rind for as long as she can remember. As per her recommendation, it goes best with wheat rotis

02 June,2023 09:35 AM IST | Editor
At Out Of The Blue, bartender Gaurav Prasad makes the Mangotini, a summer twist to the classic vodka martini. He makes it with vodka, mango puree, sweet and sour mix, ice, chilli and salt. Photo Courtesy: Out Of The Blue

IN PHOTOS: Make these unique mango coolers before the end of summer

It is almost the end of the summer season as the monsoon is almost here. However, since mangoes are still available in abundance, it is probably the best time to use the seasonal fruit to not only use in savoury dishes but also in coolers to beat the heat

30 May,2023 09:24 AM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Image for representational purposes only. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: Easy Tadgola Falooda recipe to enjoy Mumbai's summer fruit

Get your batch of tadgolas to try them in different recipes before the season ends

30 May,2023 09:22 AM IST | Editor
The breadfruit caldin is a mild and delicious yellow curry made using a few spices and coconut milk.

IN PHOTOS: Make and enjoy these Indian side dishes with summer produce available during this season

While mango is undoubtedly the highlight of every summer vacay, smaller dishes that nonchalantly sit on the side of a main dish do turn into heroes for just one day

28 May,2023 04:49 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
At Nksha in Churchgate, they use ghee in the Desi Ghee cocktail along with rum, thums up and umeshu to give the cocktail a smooth and citrusy flavour. Photo Courtesy: Nksha

Butter, ghee, truffle, parmesan, chorizo and coconut: How Mumbai bars are adding fat to cocktails

If you live in Mumbai right now, then it is the best time to be here if you love experimenting with food and drink. A lot of new restaurants are innovating with their cocktails. They are not just giving a twist to the classics but by also using the 'fat-washing' technique to elevate the flavours

27 May,2023 09:16 AM IST | Nascimento Pinto
Be it Gupta Snacks Corner’s Pav Bhaji, Badshah’s Pani Puri or Sharmajee’s Bhelpuri, Girgaon Chowpatty’s offerings have their own fan base. Image Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: Head to Girgaon Chowpatty for a slurpy bite of Ice Golas

Braving competition from western sorbet, ice lollies and gelato, is Mumbai’s iconic Ice Gola that has stood the test of time. At the peak of summer, indulge in these desi treats that offer flavourful respite at Girgaon Chowpatty in South Mumbai

26 May,2023 12:43 PM IST | Ainie Rizvi
Ahead of World Nutrition Day 2023 falling on May 28, we have four celebrity chefs share with us their favorite comfort food and its health benefits. Photo Courtesy: iStock

From Sanjeev Kapoor to Ranveer Brar, celebrity chefs share health benefits of our all-time comfort foods

Comfort foods can never fail to make our hearts happy. Besides being utterly delicious, they are also loaded with health benefits we might not be aware of. From Sanjeev Kapoor to Ranveer Brar, we have celebrity chefs share with us the health benefits of some of our favourite comfort foods

24 May,2023 03:23 PM IST | Editor
These nutrient-dense blends supply a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hydration. Photo Courtesy: iStock

IN PHOTOS: Refreshing smoothie recipes to combat Mumbai’s heat

Maintaining high energy levels and vitality is necessary for our fast-paced lifestyles to keep up with daily obligations and have a meaningful lifestyle. Here are some of the variety of refreshing and revitalizing smoothie and juice recipes that will boost your energy and enliven your day

23 May,2023 12:24 PM IST | Mumbai | Editor
The blackberries are available in pouches made from leaves at the corners of many streets in Mumbai. Photo Courtesy: Anurag Ahire/Mid-day

Enjoy these summer favourites on Mumbai's streets

Mumbai's streets are not only famous for their chaats but also for their small carts that offer enthusiasts a variety of fruits and nuts to munch on and bear the heat. Eat them directly or add some salt to the berries, gravy to cashewnuts and it is a whole unique treat

21 May,2023 05:17 PM IST | Nascimento Pinto
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